Aerial Lux Designs is a Norwegian brand for polefitness, aerial silks and hoops.

The idea is to make clean and classy designs that is not expensive but gives you the luxury feeling by using high quality fabrics, it is comfortable to have on and it makes you look beautiful. We sell Pole wear for all bodies!

My designs are good for pole practice, yoga, chill, aerial training and can also be used at the beach.

My inspiration comes from Norwegian nature, sunrises, exotic places, humans, anything sparkling, you and lots more. I find inspiration in all the beautiful things in my life. Things that makes me smile, the feeling of a happy animal, love, kisses and the sun. 

One thing that I have thought a lot of and really want to do is to give a percent of the income to animal shelters or protecting organisations as my love for animals is so big and the cruelty in the world makes my heart break. That means that you are also helping animals in need. 


The quality of my designs is my first priority, and of course to make you happy. So please give me feedback if there is something in your mind. 

I hope you all can enjoy my designs as much as I am. 

All my best wishes,